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FOP Member
Verizon Discount

The Arizona Fraternal Order of Police offers a Verizon Wireless mobile phone discount program for FOP members only.
The FOP discount program is a corporate discount structure – the benefits overview is as follows:
  • 22% discount on billing rates
  • Government pricing, unlimited data, text
  • Includes Verizon Cloud only for contacts. No media or pictures will be backed up
  • Pricing for minute usage
  • One-year pricing, 10 month upgrades on devices
  • No early termination fees
  • WAIVED $40 Activation, $40 upgrade and $35-$70 restocking fees
  • Overnight shipping fee waived
Arizona Fraternal Order of Police members must register for site access to view AZ FOP Verizon discount details.
In order to view and request to participate in the AZ FOP Verizon Discount Program, you must register for member's access on The new Arizona Fraternal Order of Police website (new as of July 23, 2018 - older logins and passwords will not work). See
If you have already registered for member's access on the new AZFOP web site, go here to login.
If you need to register for member's access on the new website, go to the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police website and register for a member's account - only available to verified AZ FOP Members.
After logging into the member's only side of the website, you will find the Verizon info, forms, and instructions.
You must be an AZ FOP member to access the AZ FOP Verizon Benefit Information.
  • After your account is set up, all transactions, such as phone upgrades, equipment purchases or changes to your plan, will need to be done using your Verizon My Business website or through customer service (800-922-0204).
  • The Verizon Wireless retail stores will no longer to be able to assist you with any account transactions. Most all transactions can be completed thru your online MyBusiness account. We strongly recommend setting up your MyBusiness online account as soon as your account is switched over. With MyBusiness you will be able to purchase/upgrade your devices, as well as purchase accessories. MyBusiness will give you the best available discount on phones and accessories, usually more than you would receive thru Customer Care.
  • Verizon stores will NOT be able to assist you.
  • Current equipment upgrade dates/obligations must be met prior to upgrade.
  • All equipment purchases require a credit/debit card. Billing to Verizon account NOT permitted under the FOP plan.
  • Proration ALWAYS applies when transferring or activating new lines of service (You will get two bills in the mail, one is for the account you are closing and the other is a bill for the new account).